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Personal Performance & Motivation Course: Unlocking Your Potential

Help your staff to be more self-motivated and perform to their potential more consistently


Course Overview

Imagine how it would be if your staff were more self-motivated and performing to their potential more consistently.

This dynamic, engaging and interactive programme will help delegates to reflect on their performance in terms of the way in which they think, feel and act. It will help them explore their potential and realise that they are capable of much more than they think they are. It will teach them specific strategies to be able to set and achieve goals, to create positive feelings such as motivation and confidence more often, to be able to become more resilient and deal with setbacks more effectively.

This programme draws on extensive research in to peak performance, human potential and techniques used in sports and performance psychology and NLP.


Course Content
  • Going Beyond - from potential to achievement
  • What is Potential?
  • Success Factors - attitude, pro-activity, responsibility
  • The Power of Perception
  • Self Image - the foundation of confidence
  • Creating and Maintating Positive States
  • Dreams to Reality - the 5 step goal achievement process
  • The Power of the Mind
  • Going Beyond Resistance


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Who would benefit from this course

  • Anyone in need of motivation


Course Duration

This workshop is run in-house in 1 day. We can also take a detailed brief of your needs and develop a programme to meet your specific objectives.

All our In-Company training programmes offer a flexible approach and can be tailored to incorporate your Company's terminology, culture and products using roleplays, case studies and exercises designed to reflect your business and training needs.

All course materials are supplied.



To be run in-house either at your premises or venue of your choice.
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