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Personal Performance & Motivation Course: Motivating The Sales Team

How to combine the best motivational skill with a well conceived incentives policy to motivate the sales team


Course Overview

All the important functions of management are presented within a central theme. Management is a science and an art. It requires careful analysis, planning and control - the scientific element. It also calls for skilful human relations - the art of motivating, leading and inspiring. The managers who can combine these two elements successfully will raise their teams to their full potential. This programme looks at how to make and keep your team motivated, enthusiastic and willing to make that extra call after a tough day working in a stressful environment facing rejection and frustration.

In order to get the best out of their people, managers must differentiate between motivation and incentive. An incentive is a tangible reward for completing a task or achieving an objective. Motivation is intangible. People are already motivated. They become de-motivated when their inner needs are not being satisfied or when the 'hygiene' or environmental factors of the organisation fall below an expected standard. This programme shows how to combine the best motivational skills with a well conceived incentives policy.


Course Content
  • Skills/Motivation Assessment
  • Creating a Motivating Environment
  • Key Motivation Theories
  • Incentive and Recognition Programmes
  • Key de-motivators
  • Motivating through change
  • Team Building - attributes of an effective team and team development strategies
  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Coaching Communication Skills and Giving Feedback


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Who would benefit from this course

  • Sales Managers needing to motivate their sales team


Course Duration

This workshop is run in-house in 1 day. We can also take a detailed brief of your needs and develop a programme to meet your specific objectives.

All our In-Company training programmes offer a flexible approach and can be tailored to incorporate your Company's terminology, culture and products using roleplays, case studies and exercises designed to reflect your business and training needs.

All course materials are supplied.



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