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Management & Leadership Skills: Modern Sales Management

Motivate, lead and control your team with inspiring management skills


Course Overview

If management means getting results through the efforts of others, then managing a sales force must be one of the most demanding tasks in any organisation. Salespeople get lonely. They are relatively unsupervised and expected to work on their own initiative. They learn mainly by trial and error. And, unless they are relying on repeat business, they fail more often than they succeed. This is not a pessimistic view; we believe it is a realistic one. And solving the unique problems of sales management is the keystone of this challenging programme.

All the important functions of management are presented within a central theme. Management is a science and an art. It requires careful analysis, planning and control - the scientific element. It also calls for skilful human relations - the art of motivating, leading and inspiring. The managers who can combine these two elements successfully will raise their teams to their full potential.

This programme is full of practical ideas. The pace is intensive, the content is up-to-date and there is new material to excite the most experienced manager.

Topics covered include; leadership, team building, motivation, coaching, communication, delegation, meetings, counseling and performance management.


Course Content
  • Communicate, lead and manage effectively
  • Identify your own management style and how to modify it
  • Motivate individuals and groups, generating team spirit and encouraging extraordinary performance
  • Use effective counselling, coaching and staff appraisal
  • Delegate effectively
  • Recruit new staff
  • Plan and manage training
  • Create key performance standards which make a massive impact and get the best from your team
  • Manage time, profitably



"One of the better courses I have experienced. All the content coupled with anecdotal material complemented each other to ensure I could relate to, and benefit from it all. Thank you."


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Who would benefit from this course

  • Managers of Sales and Support functions.
  • Experienced field sales managers wishing to polish their skills.
  • Newly appointed managers or salespeople with management potential.


Course Duration

This workshop is run in-house over 2 to 4 days, subject to the number of delegates and depth of course content agreed. We can also take a detailed brief of your needs and develop a programme to meet your specific objectives.

All our In-Company training programmes offer a flexible approach and can be tailored to incorporate your Company's terminology, culture and products using roleplays, case studies and exercises designed to reflect your business and training needs.

All course materials are supplied.



To be run in-house either at your premises or venue of your choice.
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